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A PV Solar Cleaning Company You Can Count On!

At PV Worx, We are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about ensuring that your solar panels are reliably operating at their optimal level, while extending the lifespan of your assets.

Here at PV Worx, we understand that solar panels are an investment, and it is crucial to properly maintain them to maximize their performance, reliability  and lifespan. That is why we specialize in non-electrical solar O&M services that are tailored to your specific needs. These services include solar panel cleaning, solar farm cleaning, robotic solar cleaning, vegetation management, aerial droning, site evaluations, and more.

Non-Electrical Solar O&M

We train skilled technicians in the latest techniques, state of the art equipment, and extensive safety measures in maintaining your facilities. We care for commercial and utility solar installations of all types and sizes, including large rooftops, ground mounts, solar farms, floating solar, carports and more!

We keep clean energy clean!

Clean solar produces more more and lasts longer.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We use only the latest industry approved and most efficient equipment along with pure deionized water for our solar panel cleaning services.

Ground Maintenance

Keeping a solar facility free of vegetation overgrowth and intrusive weeds is mandatory maintenance, that plays a role in all phases of solar O&M. Ask about our ground maintenance plans.

Thermal Imaging

Aerial drone and handheld thermal imaging, on just a sample of your installation, can provide great value in assisting a look at overall system health.

Site Soiling Evaluations

Careful, detailed visual inspections and site visits available to help determine individual needs, at any phase of your solar project, from preplanning to bringing a neglected site back to life. We will help you keep your solar energy system performing at max production.

We Are Ready To Clean Millions Of Solar Pannels. Are You?

Protect Your Revenue

Here at PV Worx, Solar Panel Cleaning, is our specialty.  You can have confidence that your assets are in good hands when working with us. We use only the best approved equipment and products when caring for your installation. We want to help you improve your solar asset performance and have your site operating at maximum production and adding to your bottom line.