Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning

Our commercial and industrial solar panel cleaning services cover all solar installation types.

We assist our C&I customers in achieving maximum ROI on their solar investment. We will keep your system operating at peak performance and providing consistent production to offset costly usage. 

Experience and Knowledge

We have extensive experience cleaning all types of commercial solar installations:

  • Large Rooftops
  • Ground Mounts 
  • Car Ports
  • Floating Installations
  • Agrivoltaics
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Reliability & Professionalism

A reliable solar panel cleaning company means reliable power output and reliable cost savings. 

PV soiling reduces production in excess of 20% in some cases.

Our professional solar panel cleaning services take this task out of your hands. We are the solution to your problem.


At PV Worx we put safety foremost in our process. Solar Panel Cleaning can be dangerous, as these sites generate electricity and we are cleaning with water.  Our technicians are trained and certified in electrical and solar specific safety measures needed to perform the job. 

How Often Should You Clean Solar Panels

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Equipment

Every site has challenges and many of these challenges require special equipment. To successfully clean commercial solar it is important to understand and have the right solar panel cleaning machinery to do the job. Our experienced team uses their expertise choose the appropriate method of cleaning to get the job done well and efficiently. PV Worx owns the best equipment and this allows us to be competitive and reliable.

Robotics Solar Panel Cleaning

Our solar panel cleaning robot is an ideal tool for large rooftop installations, carports, difficult to access ground mounts and floating solar installations.

Rotating Brush Solar Panel Cleaning System

Our rotating brushes solar are ideal for smaller rooftop installation, small ground mounts and other areas that are difficult to access with larger equipment.

Complimentary Equipment

Each solar installation is truly unique and we face each solar panel cleaning challenge by evaluating the necessary proper equipment that allows us to provide a quality service. Sometimes these challenges require a few extras.

PV Worx owns all the appropriate complimentary equipment to clean any type of install. If we run into a new challenge, we find a new solution. It’s just that simple.