Solar Panel Cleaning Company

We are a solar panel cleaning company dedicated to commercial, industrial, and solar farm cleaning services.

Solar Panel Cleaning Company

We specialize in solar panel cleaning for commercial, industrial and utility scale solar farms of all sizes, types of installations and degree of difficulty. 

  • Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Solar Farm Cleaning / Utility-scale solar panel cleaning
  • Floating solar farm cleaning
  • Large rooftop solar panel cleaning

Why You Should clean Your Solar Panel?

Solar Panel Cleaning is a necessity when it comes to proactive regular maintenance of your solar assets. Panels are not self cleaning and dirty panels produce less energy than clean panels. Here are a few facts.

  1. Clean panels are measurably more efficient than dirty panels
  2.  Solar panels are not self cleaning – Rain does not do the job!
  3. Scheduled cleaning maintenance prolongs asset life.
  4. The gains in production from solar cleaning pays for the service
  5.  Cleaning is a requirement in maintaining solar warranty
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Robotics Solar Panel Cleaning


Tractor Brush Solar Panel Cleaning