Utility Scale Solar Farm Cleaning

Solar Farm Cleaning

We are a reliable and experienced solar farm cleaning company in the eastern United States.

We service Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi and Texas. We are building teams around the country as demand dictates.

Why PV Worx for your Solar Farm?

Combine the finest equipment, extensive experience, reliable team and a teaspoon of care and you have PV Worx, the only choice to keep your solar farm operating at max production, which drives your bottom line. We clean solar farms of all types and sizes.

  • Ground Mount Solar Installations with Single Axis Tracker
  • Ground Mount Solar Installation with 2-axis Trackers
  • Fixed Tilt Ground Mount Installations
  • Floating Solar Farms
  • Agrivoltaics

Each solar farm installation is unique and our years of experience  and knowledge help us get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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Challenges of Solar Farm Cleaning

There are multiple factors to address in the process of cleaning solar farms:

  • Crew Safety – solar farms produce electricity and safety measures must be taken to protect our crew.
  • Remote Locations– solar farms are usually in remote places requiring us to travel and lodge our crews for the duration of the project.
  • Equipment Logistics – our mobilization staff determines the most efficient method of transporting equipment to the solar farm location. This saves time and costs.
  • Water – We have all the necessary means to provide water to dry sites.
  • Water Filtration – we provide onsite water filtration and deionization to make the arrays sparkle.
  • PV Soiling levels – we evaluate the cause and extent of soiling to determine the proper cleaning plan. We will always advise you of special circumstances or methods required specific for your cleaning i.e. 2 passes or more for extremely soiled panels.
  • Layout & Design  our site surveyor determines any design challenges such as ground conditions, issues with terrain, inadequate row spacing and above ground obstacles, which all play a part in method and cost of cleaning.

Solar farms are large and it is important to schedule accordingly

  • Fixed Solar Farm Cleaning  – These are usually made up of large installations that take time to clean. We highly recommend a fixed cleaning schedule that secures your facilities’ annual cleaning needs.
  • Ad Hoc Solar Farm Cleaning – It is a common that once a year your site has an ad hoc soiling event that reduces your performance significantly. Include an “ad hoc cleaning” in your annual contract with us.
  • On Demand Solar Farm Cleaning  We have new clients contact us daily and have not had the opportunity to placed on a routine maintenance schedule. We will perform a prompt site evaluation and book your service as our schedule permits.

Our Process Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

PV Worx takes the Process -Performance-Perseverance approach. We will not achieve customer satisfaction if we are lacking in either area. Process is the heart of our company culture.

Large solar farms are challenging to clean for many reasons but one of the main reasons are “the size”. A typical solar farm has 200,000 panels and the only way to overcome this cleaning challenge is to start with process. 

Thorough site review and report:

Each solar installation is truly unique and to guarantee customer satisfaction we perform a site survey of your site and give you a custom and detailed quote. 

Most of the time we can do a virtual site survey with the help of technology using a client survey and client submitted documents. 

Some instances require an in person site visit. These visits will be at the expense of the asset owner and fully credited back upon contract approval.

Proper Equipment

  • Tractor Brush System
  • Solar Panel Cleaning Robotics
  • Water Procurement and Filtration Equipment
  • Appropriate PPE
  • Complimentary Equipment (Job Specific)

What We Offer

Our Solar Farm Cleaning Services include

Ground Mount – Fixed Tilt

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning ground mount installations with fixed tilts. 



Ground Mount – Single Axis Tracker

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning ground mount installations with single axis trackers. We can clean your solar farm at night or during the day time.


Ground Mount – Agrivoltaics

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning agrivoltaic sites made up of crops or livestock. Our solar panel cleaning robotics allow us to safely clean these installations.


Ground Mount – 2- Axis Tracker

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning these tricky installations with dual axis trackers. We say yes when others say no.


Floating Solar Farms

Our cleaning services includes cleaning floating solar farms. We have the equipment to face this cleaning challenge.


Large Rooftop Solar Installations

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning large rooftop installations.